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AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Competition 2012

CSULB Geology students win the 2012 Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Imperial Barrel Award Competition.

l-r: Geological Sciences Associate Professor Tom Kelty and CSULB geology graduate students Kristina Hill, Scott Kenyon, Sergey Ishutov, Annie Mosher, Heather Strickland receive a $1,000 check as the prize for their first place finish in the 2012 Pacific Section AAPG Imperial Barrel Award Competition

A team of five CSULB petroleum geology graduate students, Heather Strickland, Annie Mosher, Kristina Hill, Sergey Ishutov, and Scott Kenyon, won the 2012 Pacific Section American Association of Petroleum Geologist Imperial Barrel Award competition on Friday, March 23, 2012 in Bakersfield California. The team, representing the Pacific Section, will next compete against other AAPG Section and Region team finalists in the International Final competition that will be held Friday, April 20, 2012 in Long Beach.

The CSULB team finished first in a competition with four other universities: San Diego State, University of Alaska - Fairbanks, University of California-Santa Barbara, and CSU Bakersfield (of which one team was the former 3-time winner of the Pacific Section competition, as well as two teams that included Ph.D. students) to win the $1,000 prize. The CSULB team was part of the Geological Sciences Department's petroleum exploration class that assesses the petroleum potential of an undeveloped area in the Dutch North Sea province. The class, led by Geological Sciences Associate Professor Tom Kelty, Ph.D., and also including geology graduate students Daniel Torn, Eric Arney, Nicky White, and Cary Wicker, had to investigate the tectonic and stratigraphic history of the area, assess and define the petroleum systems, including potential source rocks, reservoirs, traps, the organic richness of potentially hydrocarbon-generating sedimentary rocks, their burial history, the physical properties of reservoirs, interpret and analyze 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional seismic data, and integrate it all to make recommendations for future investigation and exploration activities.

As the top team from the Pacific Section of the AAPG, the CSULB team will have 25 minutes on April 20 to present their findings and recommendations to a panel of judges. All teams will be competing for these awards: First place: The Imperial Barrel Award (plus $20,000); Second place: The Selley Cup (plus $10,000); and Third place: The Stoneley Medal (plus $5,000). The results of the competition will be announced on Sunday April 22 at the Imperial Barrel Award Ceremony in the Grand Ballroom just prior to the opening ceremony for the Annual AAPG Meeting.

We are all very proud of the success of these students, their classmates and professor, and the recognition that they have brought our program. We wish them well in the next stage of the competition where they compete internationally for the coveted Imperial Barrel Award and a possible $20,000 award. Go Beach!!