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Summer 2014 dates:

August 4th - 15th

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Thursday, July 31st is our optional parent orientation at 7:15 in HSCI - Room 103


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Jump into a new world at the Young Scientists' Camp at California State University, Long Beach. Spend two weeks learning how to be a scientist. You will solve mysteries, investigate the world and discover new things. Science opens doors to your future. Come to a college campus and do real science in real science labs. If you are in grades 2-8 you can attend Young Scientists' Camp and learn to think like a scientist and do science experiments with your friends.

Young Scientists

Young Scientists' Camp is a two week program for area students. The budding scientists engage in hands-on science investigations, meet real California State University Long Beach scientists, and take field trips on and off campus while working in the college's science laboratories. The staff to student ratio is 1:7. The science investigations done in Young Scientists' Camp complement what children learn in school. Students will go into greater depth, make connections between science and other disciplines, and do creative and exciting projects. Kids have fun while learning.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for your child. We make science fun! Young Scientists' Camp is a memorable experience that your child will never forget.

Read what recent campers say about the program!

3rd grader Malakai says... I liked science camp. It was great. I was in Astronomy for third grade and I liked when we did the egg drop/lunar lander. I made lots of friends. I really liked camp. I learned about constellations and galaxies. I liked my teachers. I really want to go to camp next year.

5th grader Emily says... I had a great time at Science Camp. It was a great experience. My favorite activities were the water aquariums and learning about pill bugs. The water aquariums were created in three phases. In phase 1 we put sand and gravel on the bottom of the tank, fill it with water and added some elodea. In phase 2 we put in a strawberry basket and plant container on the bottom and a small piece of algae, buckweed and a water snail. In phase 3 we added blood worms on the sand side and in phase 4 we added the fish. It was interesting to see how everything adapted to the habitat. Learning about pill bugs was exciting. The nice gardeners for the campus let us set some traps for the pill bugs. Everyone set 3 traps, a hollowed out potato with holes, a drop trap (cup) and another potato with just holes. My highest pill bug count was 37 in the hollowed out potato trap. Our class found out that the hollowed out potato with holes trap caught the most pill bugs. Those were two of the many activities we did in Science Camp. I can't wait to come again next year for more fun.

6th grade Elenoa wrote... For my first year at the Young Scientists Camp, I loved it! The camp was very well organized. It was a good way to meet new people and interact with them. My topic, 6th grade's Natural Disaster's was perfect. I was very interested what we studied. My favorite was learning about faults and earthquakes, because they happen a lot around Southern California. I liked this camp a lot. I can't wait to come back next year for forensic science. I made new friends and feel prepared for next year. See you next year!

6th grader Meghan wrote... This was my third time going to science camp and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time. My favorite part about science camp was doing all the different experiments about moving air and moving earth. My favorite experiment was building the volcanoes and making the chemical reaction with the vinegar and baking soda. I loved watching it explode. We never get to do any of these science activities in school! I also like visiting the fire station. They taught us about man made and natural disasters. They taught us about how they occur, how to prevent them and how the firefighters put them out. We also learned about the three elements of the fire triangle. The three elements are heat, fuel and oxygen. If you take away one or more elements you can't have a fire. Later in the week we broke into 3 groups and put together a video about disaster awareness. I also liked making seismograph out of shoe boxes. We tested different surfaces to see how big the shake was. Science camp was really fun this year. I'm looking forward to the CSI class next year.

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