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Welcome to Science Methods Online

The Distance Learning Piece of Science Methods - SCED 475 & EDSS 450C
As technology grows in its ease of use and ease of accessibility, we at CSULB want our all our science methods students to experience technology-enhanced science learning and teaching. We want you to experience a science methods course where Internet use is commonplace, where email is a natural medium for communication, where technologies are used to support traditional learning and where community resources outside the classroom are accessed for learning purposes. In conjunction with your in-class meetings we expect this distance learning journey to be a very fruitful and rewarding experience. If you have any questions about any expectations or assignments in this component of your SCED 475 or EDSS 450C course, please do not hesitate to contact your instructor.

Find out about expectations and assignments for elementary science methods (SCED475).

Find out about expectations and assignments for secondary science methods (EDSS450C).

Teaching Performance Assessments SCED 475 & EDSS 450C
The state has relatively new legislation which requires teacher candidates to demonstrate their teaching performance proficiency before being eligible to earn a credential. There are four tasks, called Teaching Performance Assessments (TPAs) which must be satisfactorily completed by each teacher candidate. These four tasks have been embedded into the various credential courses. The TPAs are linked to Teacher Performance Expectations (TPEs) in much the same way state tests are tied to state standards.


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